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scenic landscape print 01 - End of the Rainbow
Print or Wall Mural - End of the Rainbow - Image # CD021
I woke up from my nap with a startled feeling. It felt like I was filled with electricity. I knew I had to get out in the rain. I knew where I had to go on Devil Mountain in California. It was all so clear with no questions asked. It was Easter weekend of 2002.

I got to the spot and was drenched with rain as I set up my camera. I was wiping my wet lens off with my shirt. I was amazed when the sun reappeared at sunset. I saw this rainbow pouring intense colors into the top of my favorite oak tree. The mother and baby cows were grazing on green pastures.

The Bible speaks of rainbows. They represent Gods covenant with  man. The Bible speaks of oak trees. They represent what mighty things can grow when you plant a small seed. The Muslims speak of sacred cows. There is something here for all walks of faith. It was a defining moment for my career. 

This picture has been seen by members of the United Nations at an event for Roots of Peace.  Vice President Al Gore was presented this picture on Earth Day 2005. This picture has a life of its own. Churches, banks and organizations all seem to find a connection here. This rainbow was truly a gift from God
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