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Millennium Photo Project - Dawn of the 21st Century
Millennum Photo Project Book.- Dawn of the 21st Century The following pictures are part of the Millennium Photo Project. 2000 Photographers from around the world had 24 hours to document the turn of the millennium. Brad Perks was honored to be selected as the official photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. It make for an unforgettable night and New Years.

Photographs began at Yahoo in Silicon Valley California. David Filo and his technical support staff were getting pumped up. They were ready to wage war on any potential "Y2K bugs". No one knew if the computers would survive. News stories warned us the world might stop if the computers failed. Yahoo turned the work night into a bunker down party with all hands on deck.

David Filo ( founder of Yahoo) and his technical support staff get pumped up and ready to wage war on the Y2K Bug on New Years Eve 1999
Image # Y2K 1
Pump You Up

people at Yahoo in combat dress for battling the Y2K bugs
Yahoo Commandos Carrying the Boss - David Filo
Image # Y2K 2
man and woman at computer screen
Image # Y2K 3

Y2K as Midnight Approaches - A Tense Time
Picture Selected for Book and World Wide Photo Tour
Mr and Mrs Jordon at the Dollar Steamship Mansion in Rossmore California at a roaring twenties party
Image # Y2K 4
Perks left Silicon Valley and headed to Walnut Creek. A roaring twenties party was taking place at the Dollar Steamship Mansion in Rossmore. Mr. and Mrs. Jordon were in the mood to celebrate. She is wearing her grandmother's dress from 1900. 
group at formal party on New Years eve 1999 at the Millennium Mansion
Image # Y2K 5
The next stop was the "Millennium Mansion" owned by Michael and Bonnie Zumbo in Danville. It was a formal dinner affair at their private residence with 100 of their closest friends.  I arrived at dinner time. Getting everyone together for this shot was a trick. Good thing Bonnie is a take charge lady. A group cheer and I was out the door again.
Year 2000 arrives with a Big Bang in San Francisco California
Image # Y2K 6
My final photo was taken in the Berkeley Hills over looking the San Francisco Bay Area. I arrived with 10 minutes to spare. A cop closed the overlook behind me. Talk about the nick of time. This shot went on to win of one of 50 International awards World Wide. It will also be included in the Millennium Photo Project gallery tour.
"Fireworks over San Francisco"
  Picture Won an International Award
My thanks to all that made this shoot possible. Sara Ross and Julie Beddone at Yahoo. The Zumbos who welcomed me into their party. And, a special thanks to Eve Liang who stayed up all night in order to process my film in time for the News Week deadline of 8 AM PST on January 1, 2000. Who needs sleep anyway. I started scanning at 6 AM and got my pictures delivered on time! Happy New Years!
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